Gardine Co was established in 2020 as a home for art, style and design to live harmoniously.  With the first launch of art prints in November 2020 we have grown to offer a variety of original and timeless art pieces.  Each one of our pieces are designed to invoke a feeling of calm, nostalgia, and a sense of well-being. We take pride in our easy going and habitual style and hope we can share that among our community.  In the future Gardine hopes to hold a variety of stationary, art, and design tools, so stay tuned!


Gardine Design (The Design Studio) is our small but impactful graphic design studio with over 10 years of combined illustration and design experience. We are driven to help small businesses and individuals achieve their vision for their brand, event, or product.  We have a commitment to our clients to stay true to their original style while implementing thoughtful, contemporary, and eye-catching design. 


With our hearts committed to a healthy future for our planet, Gardine strives to offer a sustainable approach to all of our product and business practices.  While also using our platform to spread awareness on current climate topics at home and around the world.

We thank those that support us everyday and allow us to continually grow and share our work with the world.